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The Northampton County Board of Commissioners has officially opposed lifting the ban on uranium mining.
Northhampton County in North Carolina added its voice to the growing chorus of those opposed to lifting the ban.  For the full story read Amanda VanDerBroek article published on the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald on 9/11/2012 (

Here are some other recent items ...

  -- The Roanoke River Bi-State Commission voted on July 25, 2012 for the full body of the Commission to move forward with a resolution condemning uranium mining in Virginia.  The final version of the resolution is scheduled for a vote in August.  See an account of the vote that was published on on July 26, 2012 (

  -- Chris A. Lumsden, chief executive officer of Halifax Regional Health System and a member of the Industrial Development Authority of Halifax County and a board member of the Virginia Coalition, a group of Southside Virginia job creators, is concerned about the impact of proposed uranium mining on the health, economic vitality and quality of life of the commonwealth.  In his recent Commentary for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, published July 22, 2012, he asked his readers to "Consider the legacy uranium mining would leave to the next generation of Virginians, and ask yourself: Is it worth the risk? And would you, given the choice, locate your family or employees downstream from a uranium mine? I ask that as decisions are made about our region and the people who live here that we please remember — 'First, do no harm.' ".   See his full commentary by following this link (

  -- Thomas M. Leahy from Virginia Beach Department of Public Utilities clarifies Virginia Beach opposition to lifting the ban in a letter to the editor, published July 14, 2012 in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  Leahy concludes "Risk is probability times consequence. The probability of a uranium mine tailings disposal cell failure may be small, but given Virginia's hydrology, the consequences could be catastrophic. That is why Virginia Beach opposes uranium mining upstream of its water supply intake."   See the full letter by following this link (

  -- The Uranium Issue is getting noticed in other parts of Virginia.  Kenneth R "Ken" Plum, Delegate to the Virginia House of Delegates from Reston, Virginia recently voiced his opposition to lifting the ban in a posting to the Reston Patch on July 12, 2012.  Plum concludes "The threat to human health outweighs any arguments for lifting the ban."  Read his complete statement on the Reston Patch (

Here are some more links to articles and information related to the Uranium Mining issue:

-- This article by Eva Cassada of the South Boston News & Record (Chatham Uranium Meeting Heated, Contentious) covers the meeting at Chatham VA on June 18th.

  -- In this Richmond Times-Dispatch (RTD) article by Rex Springston published on June 19th covering the June 18th meeting held in Chatham, VA, (Activists Vow to Prevent Uranium Mining in Pittsylvania
) the RTD focused on a lone individual vowing civil disobedience while ignoring the large opposition that represents citizens of both Virginia and North Carolina that are concerned about threats to their drinking water, their health, and their local economies.   One participant, Karen Maute, noted:  "I heard no mention of damage to personal property.  No one condones such action.  The questions and comments showed that the commenters were knowledgeable of the issues.  It's a shame the RTD chose not to report on the many pertinent comments and questions of the citizenry."

  -- Here are the remarks (
Karen Maute Remarkspresented on June 18, 2012 by Karen Maute, who represents the Piedmont Residents In Defense of the Environment (PRIDE), a chapter of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL)

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